Keeping Your Parking Lots Clean And Maintained

 At Basin Landscape Maintenance Services, we help you make a positive impression on your customers by keeping your parking lot clean and tidy all year round!

Your Trusted Parking Lot Sweepers In Klamath Falls, Oregon

Basin Landscape Maintenance Services is committed to delivering the highest quality parking lot and outdoor sweeping services. We employ our highly trained and well-equipped crews to meet all your cleaning needs and deliver results that exceed your expectations. No matter how big or small your commercial property is, you can depend on our crew to do the work efficiently and in a timely fashion.

What We Do

At Basin Landscape Maintenance Services, we customize a sweeping solution that meets your cleaning needs. For a well-maintained property, we suggest regular cleaning by using a sweeping machine that is best suited to quickly rid your property of leaves, small trash, and loose debris.

If your parking lot requires a detailed clean-up, our brush vehicle can offer the cleaning results you want. Its bristles can efficiently remove caked-on dirt from the crevices, providing a clean appearance. For even the most filthy areas of your lot, our water and brush sweeping will make it clean and tidy in no time.